Custom Papers

Tell us the parameters of the paper you need, including the subject, guidelines for the questions to be addressed or arguments to support, the source materials or references, and the format of the paper (i.e. APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.), the length or word count and the deadline for completion. We will do the necessary research using approved sources for the project to produce a professional paper that meets your requirements.

Website content

Provide a URL to the site (if it is already live), and give us guidelines for the tone and content you require. Provide an outline of the points to be emphasized and an idea of what product or service you are promoting. We will do the research to see what others in the same industry are doing and use this research to create some great content that will help drive your SEO efforts for more hits.

Blogs, articles & posts

We can produce compelling and timely content for your blog, newsletter, or social media posts. Whether you are promoting a product or service, or just keeping your readers informed about industry trends, we can do the necessary research and fact-finding to produce relevant content that will get you the attention you deserve.


Spoken English is not the same as written English! If you try to read written English aloud as a speech, it’s going to come off sounding rigid and unnatural. Let our team of professionals craft your next company presentation, tradeshow spotlight, or team report. You just give us the parameters and the content you need to cover, and we can produce either a full manuscript for spoken English or an outline for you to use as speaker notes. Either way, you’ll deliver your presentation sounding like the superstar you are.

Editing / proofreading

Even good writers need help to make their documents perfect. Let our team of dedicated professionals give your article one last look. Don’t allow a few grammar errors or awkward paragraph transitions to damage your success.

English polishing

If English isn’t your first language, but you have content already written, we can help. Ideas expressed by non-native speakers sometimes require adjustments to be clear in English. We can also edit your machine-translated material so that even non-native English copy reads as though it was written by a native speaker. Remember, native English readers can tell the difference immediately! Don’t risk your reputation or alienate readers with a poorly written or translated document. Let us polish the English to make your message shine.

Professional Writing

Our Professional Writing services encompass a wide array of expertise, catering to diverse needs. From meticulous Legal Writing and precise Contract drafting to well-crafted Business Plans and compelling Grant Writing, we ensure every document meets the highest standards. Our adept team also excels in crafting persuasive Application Letters, Immigration Writing, Resumes, and Cover Letters that make a strong impact. Whether you seek concise and authoritative legal documents or persuasive and tailored business communications, our services are designed to elevate your professional endeavors and bring success to your ventures.

Voiceover commentary

If you have a media project that requires smooth, compelling voice content, we can help with both the script writing and the voice acting. Poor audio quality and unprofessional commentary is the surest way to sabotage your media project. People automatically assign a lower value to presentations with poor voice work. You can have the best ideas in the world, but if they aren’t articulated the right way, your audience won’t be engaged. Tell us the mood and tone you are looking for, and our VO specialists can produce audio files that will get your work the accolades you deserve.
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