Pledge of Authority

Transparency, Honesty, Trust, and Integrity. These are the values we pursue daily at AWS. When I first began this endeavour, it was just on a casual basis to help friends, family, and acquaintances with minor writing tasks. Little by little, it led to actual paying projects with more commitment. Some time and a cup of coffee later, I had my eureka moment. I started to think: ‘Hey maybe I’ve stumbled onto something here.’ After hundreds of late nights and extensive research, I created a platform that could potentially help more people. I started out with just two writers whom I knew personally, both graduates of the best Ivy League schools in the United States, who held MA degrees in Biology and Political Science.
We mostly promoted the service by word-of-mouth until we set up our own Facebook page and started to collect a small but loyal following. And about 2000+ projects later, we now have a steady and growing stream of clientele who rely on our services. While we are still in the infancy of our development, we have now grown to more than 15 writers, and we work on projects domestically and internationally.
This company, to put it put simply, is our baby, and we have built it by taking lessons from our examination of the pros and cons of competing services in the market and made it our number one priority to be better. We are dedicated to quality, and we emphasise the importance of nurturing a healthy environment for all of our members and clients. It is our goal to be the best primary ally to all who require assistance in writing. We promise you our utmost devotion to privacy, anonymity, and confidentiality. Anything that is shared with us will remain under lock and key, and all traces of personal information are removed.
While we work in the academic and professional sectors, what we do is based on the agreement between us and our clients. Your information will never be shared with a 3rd party entity. We only request your basic personal details, and any additional information provided is at your discretion as necessary, in order for us to assist you in meeting your goals. The papers provided by AWS are intended only as exemplars for your private research and study purposes and are not meant for academic submission. However, what our clients choose to do with these papers is at their own discretion.
When we started this company, our vision was founded upon the concept of helping individuals who required support in writing papers in the English language. For many, this is a struggle, particularly if English is not their native language, or if they have other reasons that make writing papers difficult. It is our belief that no one should be overlooked for potential opportunities because of their inability to write to a university standard.
Intellect should not be judged solely upon the ability to write a paper, yet this is exactly how many schools determine a student’s aptitude. While being able to articulate your thoughts in writing is a great skill to hone, it should never be a measure of failing or passing a class that is supposed to teach you valuable information. By definition, intelligence is the ability to comprehend and apply one’s knowledge. While some may believe this equates to being a good writer, we feel that this notion amounts to academic terrorism. Such metrics should hold no significant weight, other than to serve as a very obscure and minimal predicting tool.
The ability to write a paper in a specific format with perfect grammar should never be the measure used to evaluate one’s level of intelligence. There are many people who are highly intelligent but who are not good writers, and there are many who are less intelligent who do possess good writing skills. Everyone has their own subjective standard of intelligence, and some people simply lack the skill to write articulate research papers. In practice, this does not in any way, shape or form indicate a person’s intelligence. The rationale behind our argument for offering these writing services is to dismiss the juvenile philosophy of naysayers and their disregard for such services.
You can be sure that we are on your side. When we take on projects, we tailor each one to match the financial and personal circumstances of the client. As such, we provide discounts when we can, and we always individually tailor the paper to meet the standards of the client. If you talk to us for just five minutes, I can assure you that you’ll agree our level of customer service is like no other. I personally swear by this and will hold all accountable if this ideal is not practised and upheld every day.

This is the Pledge of Authority we make to all our clients: to provide plagiarism-free writing, meet all deadlines, provide the best prices and guarantee our vow to privacy!
– Authority Writing Services

We make this belief a reality by putting clients first, leading with exceptional ideas, doing the right thing, and giving back.